Wednesday Speed Training

Wednesday Speed Work at 7.00pm

We meet every Wednesday night outside Syrena Centre, 51 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho district for our speed training sessions.

This is very different from the Saturday social runs, and will bring your pulse up to 90%, but the effect on your finishing time in any race will be dramatic. In addition you will find your normal running much more enjoyable as your legs get adjusted to the higher speed.

Speed training is not just for the fast, as with all RRR meet-ups, its open to everyone. The runs are structured so that no-one is left behind, regardless of pace and ability.

RRR speed workWe will do a mix of traditional interval training and Fartlek, where the focus is small burst of speed in a normal run, depending on who is there.

By the end of the session, runners will have completed over 6km including warmup.

Give it a go … it’s different and exhiliarating.

14 Responses to Wednesday Speed Training

  1. Sune says:

    The training has now been ongoing for a while, and we have a relative consistent crowd of 6 people showing up. I would love to expand it 8-10 participants each time, so please come and try it out, it’s “fun”!!

  2. Sune says:

    And we have reached the magic number 10!! on last Wednesday. 2 were a bit late but still count as they were regulars and managed to find us as we always at the same spot (

  3. Shay Simpson says:

    Xin Chao RRR’s! Am about to relocate to Hanoi for 12months from Victoria, Australia – have just completed my 3rd marathon & am very keen to join in the Wednesday speed work sessions once i get sorted and settled. Shay.

  4. Joakim says:

    Hi Sune,
    Any chance that it would be possible to post the workout that you are doing on the speed training, I would like to them, but i need todo them at a different time


    • Sune says:

      Hi Joakim

      Originally we did 400 sprint, followed by 400 meter slow. Repeated 6 times.

      But in true RRR style it has been changed to a democratic event, where each participant get to choose the workout for the 2*300m (20 light posts – lp) stretch we do now.

      The person with the newest shoes get to start 🙂

      2 lp at 60%, 2 lp at 70%, 2 lp at 80%, 2 lp at 90%, 2 lp at 100%. 1minute break, and then the same once more.

      10 lp fast, 1 minute break, 10 lp fast

      3 lp medium, 4 lp fast, 3 lp slow – then the same reverse

      We normally do 6 of these 600 meters with a approx 3 minutes break between, but again the break depends on the people showing up.

      On Thursday it is more serious:

      1.5 km warm-up
      800 meter as fast as possible, 300 meter walk/jog
      6-7 repetitions

      Cheers, Sune

  5. Katrina Marsden says:

    Is speed training at 7pm or 8pm? (November 2013)
    I am planning on joining in…

  6. hoang minh toan says:

    Hi sune! My friend introduced me about RRR,so I feel very excited about it,and I also want to join group to run every Wednesday with others, I think it must be fun! How could I meet you guys?

  7. pjfnicolas82 says:

    Hi Hanoi Red River Runners Team,
    Do you guys still meet each wednesday for 7pm at Syrena Centre?
    I would like to join your training.

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