Song Hong 2015 Call for sponsors

Hanoi Red River Runners, in partnership with ENV, are seeking expressions of interest from businesses, agencies and organisations wishing to sponsor Song Hong 2015 half marathon.

Hanoi Red River Runners is proud to be the organisor of Hanoi’s oldest long distance running event – the Song Hong half marathon, 10km and 5km races. It is a unique running experience which has grown year-on-year since it’s humble inception 9 years ago. The event now attracts 100’s of runners from the expat and local community in Hanoi and further afield. We regularly have participants flying in from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and even further afield. The race attracts the attention of national television and is newsworthy across many major media outlets in Vietnam, partly thanks to our long-standing partnership with our high-profile charity beneficiary, Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV).

Our event is only possible with the synergies that sponsorship create. We are interested to hear from potential sponsors from any sector. We have different levels of sponsorship available, the details of which will be published in our Sponsor’s pack very shortly. Gold and silver level sponsors will feature on our race t-shirts (distributed to all entrants of the half marathon and 10km events) as  well as all other media, both digital and print. Our shirts are worn by our runners at events across the region, with our elite runners wearing the Song Hong shirt with pride on many podiums.

Bronze level sponsorship is designed to be more accessible to smaller organisations and businesses who want to get involved in a more creative and flexible manner.

All sponsors are invited to host a marketing table at the event base for the weekend, which this year will be the Clubhouse at Ciputra – a stunning, high spec space for our race. Sponsors also can supply materials, samples, gifts etc for the race kit bags received by all participants.

Sponsoring Song Hong 2015 is a great way to associate your organisation with a unique high-profile sporting event in Hanoi which is organised for a great cause.  Please contact Jody & Richard at to register your interest, and we will contact you shortly with details of our sponsor’s pack.


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Song Hong 2015

First of all, apologies for the ‘down time’ … was down for a few weeks cos we forgot to pay our bills! We’re back, baby.

Next of all… Song Hong 2015 is CONFIRMED. The starters gun will be fired on Sunday December 13th and as in previous years we’ll have a 10km race, a 5km race, a kids fun run to go along with the main event.

We are very pleased to announce that Education For Nature (ENV) will continue to be our charity beneficiary, which means that ALL money raised will go towards their causes – this year they are highlighting the plight of the rhino.

In another exciting development, our long-time platinum sponsor, Ciputra International City, will now host the start and finish of the race at their superb new facility, the Ciputra Club. This opens the door for a much more professional experience for everyone involved in the race and we are looking forward to making  full use of their excellent facilities.

Registration will open soon. Details of both our online and walk-in registration desk will be announced here and on our Facebook page.

teaser fb flyer

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We’re back!

The holidays are over and we’re back in action. We run twice a week, on Wednesday evenings at 7pm for our Speed Training sessions and on Saturday afternoons we have our social run, which is usually about 10km and is followed by a cool-down drink 🙂 The details of all our runs are announced on our Facebook page on the day of the run, so this is the best way to stay informed.

We have hosted the annual Song Hong half marathon and 10km race each December, the details of this year’s event have not been confirmed yet but you will be the first to know!

This year we are planning to introduce additional cross-country runs outside of Hanoi – we are just working on the transport situation.

In the meantime we are all getting ready for the 2015 Vietnam Mountain Marathon in Sapa, organised by Topas Travel and we hope to see a lot of you guys there – it’s a spectacular race and a fun weekend.


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Summer vacation

It’s quiet time in the Red River Runners calender, with many of our members out of town for the next few weeks. For that reason we will stop our regular weekly meet-ups until early August, as we have done in previous summers. How and ever, there will be ocassional runs organised by those who are still in town – so keep watching our facebook page for notice of these runs. During this summer heat, it’s most likely to be morning runs!

For now, RRR recommends that you enjoy your summer in Hanoi or where ever you are. We are looking  forward to August and a new batch of runners to join our regular faces for another year of urban and riverside running in Hanoi!

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turn up and RUN 2015 race and party – this Saturday – all the info you need

This Saturday March 7th sees the 2015 edition of our free, “back-t0-basics” street race – turn up and RUN.  Later that night Sobros Lounge will host our annual Red River Runners party – turn up and PARTY. It certainly is a big weekend ahead.

Below is run-down of everything you need to know for this Saturday:

facebook cover

The race will be just over 10km. The start and finish is inside Ciputra, but most of the running will take place on the streets of Tay Ho. This is a casual race, no roads will be closed, you take part at your own risk. Please respect vehicle traffic everywhere, and follow the instructions of security guards inside Ciputra. Please also follow the advice and directions from our volunteers on the course.

We will have limited volunteers and course marking, so please learn and understand the route for yourself. Click here for the race route in Endomondo or you can download the map at the bottom of this post.

If you want your race timed, then drop into to JAFA restaurant (G2 Tower, Ciputra) between 12:00pm – 15:00pm to collect a race number. You can also buy tickets for Saturday night’s turn up and PARTY at this time.

After 3pm our timing team are going to be very busy, so we can’t guarantee everybody a number.

Race timing is done by our volunteers using WebScorer app. It’s not guaranteed, so please time your own race if you are concerned about your time. We hope to publish race times online 24 hours after the race.

The race starts at 16:00pm – it’s going to be busy, so please be there by 15:30pm.

Ciputra have advised there will only be limited motorbike parking available behind G2 Tower, in the “Contractor Parking Area”. For this reason, we encourage runners to please travel by taxi.

Our race sponsor, UBER are offering two free taxi rides for runners to use on race day – just download the UBER app and register with the code “TurnUpAndRun” to receive two vouchers worth 100,000 VND each. You can also use UBER to travel to our party on Saturday night 🙂

When you arrive at G2 Tower (i.e. outside JAFA restaurant / L’s Place), please walk directly to the start-finish area which is at the old Ciputra Marketing Suite – it’s 2 mins walk. If you prefer, go into JAFA restaurant for a drink / snack until race time. We are not allowed to wait outside the towers or inside the lobby area before the race. Here is a map to help you.

After the race, you will have plenty of time to get home and freshen up for the Red River Runners party of year at Sobros Lounge (1/52 To Ngoc Van street, Tay Ho) which starts at 19:30pm. Tickets are limited, so buy them at the race (from our volunteer, Ms Nga) for 100,000 VND. This gets you one free drink (beer / wine / soft drink), hot snacks & finger food. There will be an awesome DJ (DJ Matt Gooch!) plus 100’s of photos from the race and from our other events over the last 12 months. Consider the party a big “thank you” to all the runners who make RRR such a great group to run with!!!

Good luck and see you there!!!

RRR 2015 route

TurnUpAndRun Final Poster


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January 2015 update

Dear RRRunners,

First of all, to those who don’t follow our Facebook page, you might not have seen photos from Song Hong 2014 – so here they are.

Did you have a chance to check your official race time from SH14? Take a look here.

Song Hong 2014 was a non-profit event and all money we make goes to ENV – Education for Nature Vietnam. We are still working on the balance sheet but we are pleased to announce that we will be able to match our contribution to ENV from last year and in fact hoping to INCREASE that contribution substantially. We will confirm shortly what the final donation will be. Again, we thank ENV for their wonderful support – without their volunteers and input before the race, we would not have such an event.

This is also a good time to thank all the sponsors involved – we absolutely must have sponsors in order to fund the event, and many sponsors donate specialist goods or services which we couldn’t do without. Thank you all!

Our next event will be our annual turnUPandRUN 10km race which will take place soon after Tet holiday. This is a FREE entry race and we hope to host a Red River Runners social event after the race. More info to follow in a few weeks. We will be looking for partners to sponsor some prizes -so get in touch if you would like to do that.

Other than that, come on out and join us on our weekly runs. On Wednesday nights at 7pm we meet at Syrena Centre (51 Xuan Dieu) for our speed training sessions – these are perfect for runners of all abilities and fitness levels and we’d love to have even more runners new and old. On Saturdays at 4pm (winter time) we meet in alternate locations for our social run. This run is usually about 10km – with options for those who wish to go further and frequently features a nice cold drink afterwards.  We announce the meet-up spot over on our Facebook page a few hours beforehand – it’s either at Syrena Centre or JAFA restaurant in Ciputra. Join us!



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Song Hong 2014 Preliminary Times

Thank you and congratulations for taking part in Song Hong 2014! So many racers wanted to know their times so here are the preliminary results for you to check your time only.
We wanted to get this released quickly so with this preliminary list you will need to click on “No gender” and look for your race bib number (unless you placed in the top 3 of your category). More info will be added soon.



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