Sapa 21km Challenge 2012

Luke Kenny, winner of the 21 km

UPDATE 5: The race is over and the results are published on racesplitter

We are really happy that  Da Paolo,  Jacksons Steakhouse, and Umove stepped in and sponsored the prizes! Thank you..

21 km :

10 km:

The original information:

The Red River Runners introduces a new event for the adventurous runners of Vietnam – a Half Marathon in mountainous Sapa on September 9, 2012, with a 10k option for supporters or those who just didn’t get enough training before the event. This is a niche event for the adventurous with a maximum of 50 participants, and not to be confused with our current two big events – the Song Hong Half Marathon i December and the Triathlon Hanoi i April.

The social aspect is an important part of this event as you will spend a full weekend in the pleasant company of fellow runners in relaxing surroundings. We hope to see you, and maybe your better half as well.

Race Details

A Half Marathon with start in Sapa and Finish at Topas Ecolodge (Sapa – Lao Chai – Ta Van – Topas Ecolodge)

A 10 km with start and finish at Topas Ecolodge

Elevation gain and loss is the challenge in Sapa. The route selected for the Half Marathon has a net descent of 525 meters.


The selected beneficiary of this event is Sapa O’Chau, and they will also be present at water posts etc. Please have a look at their website and  consider supporting them in other ways as well – or just donate at their website!

Full race package (a race only package is also possible) 

As always this is a grass-root event, supported by kind sponsors and collaborators. This time Topas Travel and Topas Ecolodge have assisted in organising bus rentals as well as providing accommodation at very low rates.  Ratraco Travel Train has discounted train tickets for runners, and we can therefore provide a full package Hanoi-Sapa-Hanoi for 4.000.000 VND.



15 Responses to Sapa 21km Challenge 2012

  1. shikokuman says:

    Hello. It really looks interesting. Could you inform me how much is a cost for this full package?

  2. bui minh says:

    i also wonder how much it costs. really interesting.

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  4. shikokuman says:

    Thanks. I will wait for your further information about this event.

  5. Mel Rudd says:

    This might be a really soft question… but is the train to and from Sapa a sleeper train?

  6. shikokuman says:

    Hello, although I have already subscribed for the race, I sent an e-mail indicated in the page for online subscription. I haven’t received the answer yet. The questions are the cost for bringing my family with me and 10k race is ok for my kid of 12 years old to participate.

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