tuRn up and RUN 2012 10km

Updated 22 Feb 2012: Results and times!Thanks to all who braved the cold temperatures to take part last Sunday, the following results were recorded:
1 Hugo Page –  39 mins
2 Peter Baekke Jensen 4330
3 Masashi Tanabe 43.32
4 Tambura 45.38
5 Cedric Gilbert 45.40
6 Lounes Soualah 48.37
7 Obama 49.40
8 Andy Kirwan 51.46
9 Johan Kieft 51.52
10 Chris Whiffin
11. Jody O’Dea 52.19
12. Imran Bashir 52.35
13. Mark Harvey 57.10
14. Eric weerts 59.00
15. Hidetoshi 52.30

1 Juliita Gil 49.40
2 Ornella 51.52
3 Heidi Kay 52:35
4 Mika

Hanoi Red River Runners presents Turn Up And Run 10km race on Sunday February 19th at 10am.

Today we sprayed course markings on the streets at the major ‘decision points’, this is what they look like:
There is no markings in Ciputra and we recommend that you study the turns that take place inside Ciputra to ensure you don’t go wrong as you approach the finish line. We’ll be on hand in the morning if you have any questions about the route.

We now have the route finalised – see below. You can also view a detailed layout here from walkjogrun.net or download and print the km-by-km route commentary here.

This year’s course will be familiar to runners who have participated in previous RRR 10km races but with some improvements. There will be course markers at the key turns and ‘decision points’. Details will be provided on the morning of the race.

In an effort to keep things simple and to encourage as many runners as possible, this is a back to basics event, with no pre-race registration and no entry fee, but you should be aware of the following points:

    • The race will start and finish by the fountain outside G2-G3 towers in Ciputra (outside JAFA restaurant). The start will be at 10am.
    • The exact course will be posted here before race day. However, please be aware that as usual, we will be running on open roads with traffic and other obstructions. Therefore you run entirely at your own risk.
    • Children must be supervised.
    • Race timing will be provided by YOU. Red River Runners volunteers will establish 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers for Men, Women and children.
    • There will be a water station at 5km.
    • Race numbers will not be issued and there will not be a course ‘sweep’ after the event.
    • There are toilet facilities in the lobby area adjacent to JAFA entrance. These are not public facilities, so we ask that you treat them with respect.
    • There will be a bag drop which will be supervised during the race, however Ciputra, JAFA and RRR take no responsibility for any losses.
We hope that you will join us for brunch served in JAFA restaurant after the race!


2 Responses to tuRn up and RUN 2012 10km

  1. Chumphol says:

    When is the Song Hong 2012 running ?
    I’m planning the Hanoi trip by tomorrow.
    Please replyas soon as possible.

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