turnUPandRUN 2016 10km & 5km race

This Saturday April 16th, Hanoi Red River Runners presents turnUPandRUN 2016. As you will have noticed from the title, we are now including a 5km event as well as a 10km race. Both races are THE SAME COURSES as Song Hong 2015 race last December and start at the Ciputra Club at 4pm. Click here  for the location map of Ciputra Club.

  • This race is literally “turn up and run”. No fee, no registration. We will try to give everyone a race number and we will try to time all runners but please time your own race if you want to be sure of a recorded time. Please arrive before 3:30pm to get your number.
  • Parking is available at the Ciputra Club basement parking garage.
  • There will be a bag drop inside the Ciputra Club – please ask staff. Do not leave valuables in your bag – loss and theft are at your own risk.
  • Towels and shower facilities are available at Ciputra Club for a small fee. Please ask Ciputra staff.
  • The courses will be marked with chalk on the roads. There will be very few course volunteers so you must understand the route. Course maps below.
  • Where possible, run on footpaths. Inside Ciputra, please use the GREEN PATH. Always run on the right hand side of the street. Follow traffic rules (i.e. approach round-abouts anti-clockwise).
  • Runners do not have priority over cars or motorcycles. You run at your own risk – injuries or loss will not be the responsibility of Ciputra Estate, Ciputra Club or Hanoi Red River Runners
  • Please remember that you are a guest of Ciputra Estate and Ciputra Club. Follow instructions of Ciputra staff and security. On public roads, follow the instructions of course volunteers and local police.
  • Join us for drinks and refreshments at Ciputra Club bar after the race.

10km course

10km course – turn up and RUN 2016

5km course

5km course – turn up and RUN 2016

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