Song Hong 2015 Call for sponsors

Hanoi Red River Runners, in partnership with ENV, are seeking expressions of interest from businesses, agencies and organisations wishing to sponsor Song Hong 2015 half marathon.

Hanoi Red River Runners is proud to be the organisor of Hanoi’s oldest long distance running event – the Song Hong half marathon, 10km and 5km races. It is a unique running experience which has grown year-on-year since it’s humble inception 9 years ago. The event now attracts 100’s of runners from the expat and local community in Hanoi and further afield. We regularly have participants flying in from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and even further afield. The race attracts the attention of national television and is newsworthy across many major media outlets in Vietnam, partly thanks to our long-standing partnership with our high-profile charity beneficiary, Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV).

Our event is only possible with the synergies that sponsorship create. We are interested to hear from potential sponsors from any sector. We have different levels of sponsorship available, the details of which will be published in our Sponsor’s pack very shortly. Gold and silver level sponsors will feature on our race t-shirts (distributed to all entrants of the half marathon and 10km events) as  well as all other media, both digital and print. Our shirts are worn by our runners at events across the region, with our elite runners wearing the Song Hong shirt with pride on many podiums.

Bronze level sponsorship is designed to be more accessible to smaller organisations and businesses who want to get involved in a more creative and flexible manner.

All sponsors are invited to host a marketing table at the event base for the weekend, which this year will be the Clubhouse at Ciputra – a stunning, high spec space for our race. Sponsors also can supply materials, samples, gifts etc for the race kit bags received by all participants.

Sponsoring Song Hong 2015 is a great way to associate your organisation with a unique high-profile sporting event in Hanoi which is organised for a great cause.  Please contact Jody & Richard at to register your interest, and we will contact you shortly with details of our sponsor’s pack.


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1 Response to Song Hong 2015 Call for sponsors

  1. Sune says:

    “Our elite runners” – I love that RRR has come so far 🙂

    Cheers, Sune


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