RRR news update

We are very pleased to announce that Song Hong 2013 half marathon  will take place on the weekend of December 7/8. Along with the half, we expect to have 10km, 5km and kids fun run. More details will be confirmed as we finalise them, and we hope to open registration sometime during September or early October. As in previous years, the race will start and finish in Ciputra compound with the main section of the routes being by the shores of Westlake. Also as per previous years , it’s a ‘back to basics’ event on open streets.


This weekend we wish the best of luck to all RRR’s taking part in the first ever Da Nang International marathon – high fives to Sara, Andy, Samantha, Jason, Richard, Hiroshi and everyone else from Hanoi heading to the coast for what promises to be a great race.

If you’re staying around town for the long weekend, join us for our usual social run on Saturday 31st – we’re meeting at Syrena Centre, Xuan Dieu at 4.55pm for a 10km jaunt. We can recommend turn-arounds for those wishing to run shorter distances.



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4 Responses to RRR news update

  1. Kameliya says:

    Hello! I am new to town and would like to join your group. I already subscribed by email. I wanted to know, do you organize any regular runs (social runs, trainings, anything) any time soon? Is there a group running every week(end)? Which days, time, gathering point?
    Looking forward to meeting you all!

  2. catandgary says:

    How do we enter / register for this race ?

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