Runs on July 3 and 6

It’s another hot week in Hanoi, but that never stopped the Red River Runners! Join us this week for two spectacular runs.

WEDNESDAY – 7 pm – Syrena Centre on Xuan Dieu

Speed Training continues. Come improve your race times and fitness. The workout includes a 1 km warmup run, a set of 300 meter intervals, and a 1-2 km cool down run.

SATURDAY – 4.55 pm – Jafa Restaurant, Ciputra

Explore the hidden islands, alleyways, river bluffs and rice paddies of Hanoi with the Red River Runners. We’ll run a slow, social 10 km with shorter options for newcomers.


Come one, come all. Our weekly running events are free. But do bring a few dong with you for a post-run beer!

About Jason Lusk

A career marketer with 20 years of experience, Jason Lusk is managing director and client solutions strategist of Clickable Vietnam. Jason previously worked as Microsoft Vietnam’s digital marketing lead. Before that he was vice president, management supervisor at Cramer-Krasselt, one of America’s largest independent agencies.
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