This week’s runs

Hi folks – another week – another sweat. See you tonight (Wednesday) for a fun session of speed! Our weekly speed training session meets outside Syrena Centre on Xuan Dieu at 7pm. Here’s the plan: 1km warm up jog to the lane of pain. Then a series of short sprints. Then a 2.5km warm down jog back to Syrena. This session, as always, works well for slow and fast runners. Here’s a few hot pics from last week:

This Saturday we will host a 5km Time Trial in Ciputra! This is something we used to do regularly and now we do it only about 4 times per year. If you’ve never done this with us before, it’s alot of fun – we will time you with our awesome Racesplitter app and then have a nice cool drink afterwards. There will be a staggered start meaning fastest runners go last (he he!). Meet at 4.55pm outside UNIS school main entrance in Ciputra.

Bonus: if you log your runs on Endomondo, you can enter our 5km Heat Stroke Challenge too!

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2 Responses to This week’s runs

  1. Matilda Jonung says:

    Hey! Will there be Sap race this year as well?

    The best,


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