Post-race fever + this week’s runs

Hi folks – huge success on last Saturday’s Turn up and RUN 2013 10km race. Amazing to see 100 runners show up on a wet and windy Saturday afternoon. And what a CORKER of a party at Sobros lounge afterwards. We should do this much more often!

If you haven’t already checked out the times (which we posted on our facebook page), you can see them here:

All the photos we took can be seen and downloaded from here:

Speed training with your NEW host Jason takes place tonight (Wednesday) at 7pm – meet Sedona entrance 96 To Ngoc Van street.

Saturday’s social run is also from Sedona entrance 96 To Ngoc Van street – meet at 3.55pm.

Now’s a good time to remind people what the Red River Runners are all about. We are aware that many of our usual volunteer run organisers have other commitments scheduled in the coming months (what? you mean they have lives?) and, as happened recently, you might turn up for a run occassionally and find that nobody has planned a route for you. Don’t worry about that – it’s all part of being an RRR! Read our mission statement here:

p.s. we’re always looking for more volunteers to plan Saturday runs for us – please let us know if you would like to step up!

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