quick RRR update!

Today’s social run (Saturday) starts at Sedona entrance, To Ngoc Van street – meet at 3.55pm!

You will have noticed that our posts are not as regular as usual. We want to cut down on the number of emails runners receive, so we intend to confirm all runs for the full month on the blog, rather than emailing you every week.

We’ll still keep you up to date with any run-related news and events. In fact, now is a good time to remind you about two interesting running events taking place in Vietnam this year;

The Phu Quoc half marathon will be held on May 11th, they will also offer 10km and 5km events.

The Halong Bay marathon takes place on October 27th. Currently their website is only in Japanese, but as well as offering the full marathon distance (rare in Vietnam!), there will be half and 10km options.

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1 Response to quick RRR update!

  1. Cadart Thierry says:

    Thanks please continue for giving me newsletter about running in Vietnam.

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