Saturday’s run + the countdown begins!

Speed training is on every Wednesday night at 8pm, meeting at Sedona entrance, 96 To Ngoc Van street.

Tomorrow (Saturday), runners will meet 3.55pm at JAFA restaurant, G2-G3 Towers, Ciputra for our usual social run.

Numbers may be lower than usual because this weekend we have 2 of the biggest races in the calender taking place, with some Red River Runner’s headed out to Singapore for the Standard Chartered Marathon and even MORE runners heading to Siem Reap for the Angkor Wat half marathon / 10km. We wish all RRR participants the very best of luck!

It’s a mere 10 days until our very own Song Hong 2012 half marathon, 10km, 5km + kids fun run. You can still sign-up online or in person at Elite Fitness, Xuan Dieu street. Head over to the Song Hong 2012 page on our website to see our beautiful shirts commissioned especially for the event. There is also some exciting news about prizes

A quick note about the Hanoi run for children which is this Sunday 2nd December at 0700, from Thong Nhat park. It isn’t a long run but it had over 7000 participants last year so its a chance to run with lots of others for a good cause and a  great friendly atmosphere

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2 Responses to Saturday’s run + the countdown begins!

  1. thuyvuthanh2910 says:


    I was successful register for 5km running on 9 Dec. It is the 1st time i join this race so can you please give me full information for the race and tel of contact?

    Thanks, Thuy

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