This weeks run and Sapa 21 km Challenge finished

Photo: Prasetyo Andy Susanto

Sapa 21 km Challenge is over and it was great fun! Great thanks to all the runners and supporters joining us and making it a fantastic event. I’m sure this will be repeated next year!

Our main sponsors, Topas Travel, Topas Ecolodge and Ratraco Train, helped keeping cost down, and we raised a good amount for Sapa O’Chau.

We are also really happy that  Da Paolo,  Jacksons Steakhouse, and Umove stepped in and sponsored the prizes! Thank you.

The weather was nice and (almost) all runners felt the routes were challenging, but not too hard. The effect of the last 2.5 km uphill on both the 10 km and the 21 km has been felt in many sore thighs the last few days, I guess. But overall everybody did fine and the smiles were big.


Men 21:

Men 10:

Women 21:

Women 10:

This weeks run

We know you want to get even better and join at the Song Hong on 9th December 2012, so here are the runs of the week:

Wednesday 12th September 8.00pm: Speed training. Meet as usual at Sedona entrance, 96 To Ngoc Van.

Saturday 15th September 4.55pm: Saturday run. Also meeting at Sedona entrance, 96 To Ngoc Van. All distances and fitness levels catered for as we explore the alleys and lanes of Tay Ho and the Song Hong. See you there!

Photos of Sapa 21 km Challenge

Thanks for sharing some photos. I hope I remembered correctly on the photogaphers.

Photo: Florian Dachmann



Yoga as preparation for running; Photo by: Kit Green

Warm up with Sapa O’Chau

Ready to go!

The rough downhill on the 21 km

Uphill at the end of the race. Photo by: Prasetyo Andy Susanto

Sapa O’Chau, Hanoi Swains and Hanoi Oi’s. Photo by: Prasetyo Andy Susanto

Prize ceremony. Photo by: Prasetyo Andy Susanto

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An easy going facilitator and coach with the courage to do things another way ....
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2 Responses to This weeks run and Sapa 21 km Challenge finished

  1. feddybecks says:

    Wow, stunning view for the run in Sapa. By the way, is it confirmed that the Red River Half marathon will be held on 9th Dec?

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