Sapa Challenge sign up day and Saturday run

We are now getting very near to the last day of signing up for the Sapa Challenge on 9 September. If you still haven’t signed up for this run, you can meet us at Joma at To Ngoc Van street on Saturday, 11 August between 11-12. At present time we still have some available spots left for the package but do not hesitate as they might soon be gone. You are also welcome to pass by just for a chat.

On Saturday, 11 August we will be running from Sedona at the end of To Ngoc Van street at 4.55 PM –  we will cater for all distances and speeds – and remember the more the merrier!

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2 Responses to Sapa Challenge sign up day and Saturday run

  1. Mark Harvey says:

    Just wanted to say goodbye after 2 years of excellent running with the RRR – I will miss it – I leave Hanoi on 17 August. The half marathons were great – good luck for 2012. If I was here, I would have tried Sapa – so good luck with that. Hope RRR continues, thrives and maintains its niche. Numbers rise and fall, but it does attract a lot of folk passing through, I hope I do again one day. So special goodbye to Jody, Sune, Andy, Richard, Jim, Ian (long time no see) and especially those who have done much of the intense organising and decision-making such as whether to have light or dark beer at Volk. And if you ever pass through the Yorkshire Dales and fancy some fell running, let me know. Cheers, Mark

    • Sune says:

      Thank you Mark – you will be missed and when you return we will have a series of special events just for you. A Pub Run might be one of them …

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