Saturday run with beer …

Normally I wouldn’t post a reminder for the Saturday run, as we already have a Summer Schedule online, but tomorrow (Saturday 21 July ) it’s Richard’s birthday and my last run before going on holidays – so after completing the Saturday social run, there will be beer! Meet up at Jafa, Ciputra, at 4.55pm and run with us!!

Wednesdays speed training keeps attracting an unheard number of participants, and will continue as usual. 8 pm at Sedona. Peter has promised (I think) to be there and lead you through the 5-6 rounds of intervals.

Sapa 21 km challenge

Everything is on track for a successful event on 9 September, with all the practicalities progressing as expected – from transport, lodging over T-shirt to handling special requests for children etc. Half the spots are already accounted for,  and the Vietnam Swans are planning to grab a significant number of the remaining. So now is a good time to sign up, if you want to come and experience the fresh mountain air. The absolutely last day for sign-up and payment is 14 August. In addition I must mention that in case too many sign up, it is a “first pay, first served” principle.

Below is the stats, and for those who want a bit of competition, it seems that we’ll get the first, fifth, and sixth placed runners (male) from the Song Hong 2011 showing up. In addition we have some doing their first half marathon ever, so the field is broad!


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