Summer Schedule, Sapa 21K challenge open for registrations.

The Summer Schedule is now online here.

Everything is lined up to keep you fit and fast …. because you might want to sign up for the Sapa 21K challenge! The online registration is now open and there is an Early Bird discount for those who pay before 15 July.

Check out the Sapa 21K Challenge 2012 page for details. It is going to be great!

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3 Responses to Summer Schedule, Sapa 21K challenge open for registrations.

  1. Hugo Page says:

    Hi I’d like to ask two questions about the race in Sapa.]
    – Are the train tickets beds or seats?
    – If I’m running the 10km and I bring a 2 years old child with me, Is there a ‘SAFE’ babysitting service for my child while I’m doing the race?
    Thank you very much

    • Sune says:

      Hi Hugo

      The train are beds.

      Another couple with a small child (< 2 years) has signed up and the ecolodge is working on arranging the babysitting.

      BTW – shoulden't you run the 21 instead so there is some serious competition to the good runners who have already signed up 🙂

      • Hugo Page says:

        Yes, I will run the 21km, but my wife would love the opportunity to do her first 10k race. (She’s top shape and ready) So we would need someone to take care our child until she finishes the race.

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