This weeks runs…

In preparation for this Sunday’s Triathlon Hanoi 2012 , Saturday’s run will be a time trial of the 5km running course of the triathlon route, which takes place entirely in Ciputra grounds. The 5km time trial used to be a monthly event for RRR, and runners have recently requested that we organise one again.
Saturday’s run is open to EVERYONE, not just Triathlon entrants. Meet Saturday 21st 4.55pm at UNIS main entrance in Ciputra, where you will be brought to the starting point near UNIS Gate 5 entrance.
Triathlon entrants will already be on UNIS campus following the Triathlon briefing and will be invited to join the run, so don’t forget your running gear! Here is a map of the 5km route.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday) we will have Speed Training / Intervals, and as usual it’s open to everyone. Meet 7pm at Sedona Suites entrance on To Ngoc Van street. See you there!

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1 Response to This weeks runs…

  1. Anh says:

    Hi! I’m hoping to compete in a triathlon next year so I was wondering if the Hanoi triathlon will be held next year aswell?

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