Saturday post song hong 2011 recovery run and Wednesday speed work

Song Hong 2011

Song Hong 2011 was a fantastic event for all. The weather was perfect, the air as clean as it gets in Hanoi, and volunteers as well as participants showed up with a fantastic attitude. Thank you all for making the day totally unforgettable.

Results and link to photos are at the song hong 2011 page. Notice a slight update to the results as a few Male participants in both 10 km and half marathon were accidentally classified as Female. Biology can be tricky.

Runs with Red Rivers Runners

For those of you who missed the event, and for those who just want to keep up, we will continue with regular runs as usual. No need to back down now just because Christmas is coming and the 19 February, Tet 10 km Run is “so far away”.

We will organise a social run on Saturday 17 December at 3.55pm starting in front of Sedona‘s gate on To Ngoc Van 96. Distances will be 5 km, 8 km and 10 km. 

Sune will keep organizing the Wednesday speed work on at 8.15pm also starting at Sedona‘s gate on To Ngoc Van 96. The distance is still just below 6 km in 45 minutes, so everybody can join!

About Sune

An easy going facilitator and coach with the courage to do things another way ....
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4 Responses to Saturday post song hong 2011 recovery run and Wednesday speed work

  1. Paola says:

    Hi, some females were also classified as males! I am Paola, a female from Nicaragua/USA No. 198 on the 10K race. I am on the males list; 🙂

    • Sune says:

      Hi Paola,

      I fix it a bit later on the site. Our files have been updated and you are now listed as 24 in the Female category.

      Congratulations on a good run, and we hope to see you again in the next runs….

      Cheers, Sune

  2. ruolngulworld says:

    Hi. Two questions: Do we have to register for the social run on Saturday, 17 Dec? and Where do I get details for the Tet Run in Feb 2012? Thanks.

    • Sune says:

      Hi, great you ask. All Saturday social runs and Wednesday speed training are completely free and arranged by volunteers. No need to register or anything else. Hope to see you there!

      No details yet for February 19. Reserve the date and a mail will come out somewhere in January.

      Cheers, Sune

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