Last Speed Work reminder and course details for half marathon and 10km

Song Hong 2011 – this weekend!
There will be no regular Saturday run this Saturday, due to Sunday’s big event. Please remember all participants must attend the pre-race briefing on Saturday 10 December at UNIS. You can still register at Elite Fitness at 51 Xuan Dieu until Friday evening 6pm and there will be a last minute registration desk open on Saturday afternoon before the pre-race briefing. Please check out the Song Hong 2011 page for all the latest event information.

Wednesday 7th Speed Work
The Red River Runners’s usual suspects will attempt to add that last bit of speed. Newcomers are still very welcome and the training might be slightly softer than usual as we will not hurt anybody a few days before the big event. Sune will be at Sedona’s main gate (96 To Ngoc Van)  at 8.15pm sharp as usual and we’ll finish at 9pm.

Song Hong 2011 – Course details
Ian Fox and assistants have put a lot of work into mapping the courses for the event and we can proudly present them here. The indicated water stops are not final and as such subject to change. Otherwise there should be no surprises waiting for you, but it’s Hanoi, so…

Song hong 10km run 2011

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1 Response to Last Speed Work reminder and course details for half marathon and 10km

  1. Minh says:

    I ve stepped on nail. got injured. ak ak. miss our training sessions.

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