Get registered at Elite Fitness! PLUS…come running on December 3 from Sedona

Getting registered for the race at Elite Fitness

Our sponsor Elite Fitness, 51 Xuan Dieu offers you the possibility to register for Song Hong 2011 until Friday December 9. Online registration closes tomorrow December 1st. Stay up to date with the latest race info here.

Running on Saturday December 3

We will meet at Sedona Suites entrance, To Ngoc Van street at 3.55pm and run. Last Saturday’s volunteer led the group on a River Run instead of a lake run as promised on the blog. He has been repremanded. Volunteers can be so unpredictable sometimes. This Saturday a group will run around the lake (14-17km depending on route), whilst others will enjoy 5, 7, or 10 km running in the Tay Ho neighbourhood. This is the last organised run before Song Hong 2011!

Wednesday speed work

The speed work is ongoing, with a mix of instructors. Karen, Andy and Sune are each trying their best in different styles to get your legs moving faster. So show up and get challenged. 8.15pm Wednesdays at Sedona’s main gate on To Ngoc Van. The training is proving so successful that we hope to continue until our Tet 10K race in the new year.

About Sune

An easy going facilitator and coach with the courage to do things another way ....
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