Saturday 15th October 3.55 PM from Sedona

Saturday run

Red River Runners will meet at Sedona on Saturday 15th October at 3.55 PM.

Ian Fox is taking care of a Beginners Run, as well as catering for the 5 – 7 K distances, and Sune will take the ones going further, with target distances of  7 – 14 K. Rehydration with brews of own choice will be organised and supervised afterwards.

The time trial is postponed to the weekend after (on the 22nd), as the stopwatch is displaced and last seen drifting along a beach in Thailand attach to our master timekeeper.

Beginners and occasional runners

From now until race day on 11 December 2011, Ian Fox will be tailoring the beginners runs in such a way that occasional (and beginner) runners will be able to build enough confidence to enter and complete the 10km run. The concept is to build up endurance in manageable steps by learning techniques (such as walk breaks) that take the pain out of a 10km run. If there are sufficient novice runners interested in following this series of runs, Ian Fox will accompany them on 11 December 2011 to help set a pace they can manage without pain. Surprisingly, many will find that they will have enough energy left to finish strongly

Speed training

Speed training on Wednesday (12th October) is on schedule at 8.15 PM precise. It has been a success so far with increasing number of participants, and we’ll continue until December. It’s a bit late in the evening, but the alternative is at 5 AM, which I believe will attract only the crazy ones – and we are surely not in that category 🙂 .. yet.

About Sune

An easy going facilitator and coach with the courage to do things another way ....
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6 Responses to Saturday 15th October 3.55 PM from Sedona

  1. alona m. domingo says:

    hi! i can join this coming event saturady october 15. I’m a new beginner.

    best regards.
    Ms. alona

    • Sune says:

      Hi, We look forward to see you, and hopefully other beginners as well! Try to convince some friends as well – it often more fun to share the experience…

  2. Minh says:

    i m local, can i join. today i was late, i was at sedona gate but don’t know how to contact.
    could u inform me next time.
    my email:
    or 0167 5567 283
    thank you very much.

    • Sune says:

      Hi Minh,

      You are most welcome! You will get an email when we post the run on this site. We will do that during the week. The last few times we have had quite a few showing up late, even though we normally spend 5-10 min for instructions. A lot of people have other arrangements after, so I prefer to get the runs moving, but maybe we should post the route beforehand, give the late showers a chance to meet up by running in the opposite directions..

      There is no telephone number of the run organizer as it is different people from time to time and not everybody like to run with a phone..

      Looking forward to see you next time (either this Wednesday or Saturday)… details will be posted here.

      Cheers, Sune

  3. Minh says:

    thank you very much. my english is little limited but i ll try my best.
    next time, i ll come early.

    • Sune says:

      Hi Minh
      Thanks for showing up at the Speed Training! If you have the time, you should keep comming – also for the Saturday runs!
      Cheers, Sune

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