24 September at 4.55 pm (Sedona Run) + intervals on Wednesdays

This Saturday (24 September 2011) we’ll meet in front of Sedona’s main gate and find our way around the neighborhood, as the river area is a bit muddy. We will accommodate for  5, 7, and 10 K or maybe even something else if you wish. If you feel like running around the lake for the first time of your life and would like company, drop a comment and we’ll try to arrange that as well.

The key to getting a fast half marathon is to keep a medium pace on your long runs, and then add interval training. As an experiment we will arrange Interval Training on Wednesday at 20.15 (precise) from the Sedona main gate. The first three Wednesdays will be with 400 meters intervals (400 fast running followed by 400 meter jog or walk). Including a warmup it will be 5 K. I would say that everybody hoping to finish between 1h 40m – 2h 10m will benefit from this. The first training session will be on 30 September at 20.15.

The Song Hong 2011 is coming up and you might be training for other events as well. My advice for all is to create an individual program that you follow. I have personally been inspired by the Hal Higdon’s Marathon guide, despite the fact that it’s in miles. Understand the principles, and then design a schedule that fits you (and your family).

For those of you who like to keep track of your runs, there are numerous websites out there. On http://www.endomondo.com, there is even a Red River Runner team you can join.

See you on Saturday, on Wednesday and in between..


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