Time trial 17th September at UNIS and a little more on the Song Hong 2011

A month has already passed and it is time for the traditional 5K time trial starting from UNIS gate at 16.55 – the route is here. The number of participants in these events varies a lot, and occasionally we have a group of children as well. Personally I like the fact that this event is not a race! Yes, we do time each other but we have a differentiated start, so you will run with other who have the same target time as yourself – normally somewhere between 35 minutes to 18 minutes. The aim is to finish around 17.30 and quite a few go to Jaffa for a drink – but you’ll also be excused and can still make your dinner appointment at 7 pm if that is the case.

So show up and join us. I hope we will get to hear stories from the Half Marathon at the River Kwai and the Triathlon event in Hoi An.

The organizing committee for the Song Hong 2011 Half Marathon (with 10K and kids run) is busy and soon the final poster and registration form will be ready. We are looking for sponsors and there are still space for a logo or two more in the poster. But keep the day reserved. And yes you can do both Ankor Wat and this one – I’ll bet your best time will be here in Hanoi if you do them both.

song hong 2011
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