Details of runs for this Saturday 13th August

Dear all Red River Runners (and newcomers!)

There will be 5k, 8k and 10k runs this Saturday hosted by IAN FOX!
Meeting point: Sedona Gate, 96 To Ngoc Van
Time: Saturday 4.55pm
For all beginners (and the slack-As who overdid it a bit during the holidays), put your minds at rest: help is at hand. We start tomorrow a program of runs designed to accommodate all levels and to bring an element of enjoyment into the running experience. I will lead this group and introduce you to techniques that take the pain out of running and turn an endurance test into an entertaining social outing. The beginner runs are typically about 5km.
Many beginners will ultimately go on to more strenuous events, having found that the whole thing of running is not so painful or boring as they had expected. If you are not having fun, then you have missed the whole point of running.
Anyone who has a discernible pulse may join. Please spread the word.

For advanced runners, there are more challenging runs in parallel with the beginner runs, with distances of 8-12k or more (and a somewhat faster pace).

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